Robiaggi Design + Build offers a unique design in our work to represent the true personality of your living and community spaces.

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All over the world including, Puerto Rico, USA, Latin America, and Asia.

Welcome to the world of Robiaggi Design + Build. We are in the business of creating specific dreams through the marvels of mosaics. We combine in our work design, artistic painting and architecture in order to present a theme through imagination and color. We are very enthusiastic because we can offer the flexibility of our work to public areas so that they can represent the true personality that can be achieved through open areas, large walls, parks and public and private buildings. Likewise, our creations offer a unique product to the art lover through a highly creative color composition. We design mosaics for recreational areas, private gardens, private spaces, facades and floors of any dimension. Robiaggi Design + Build also designs homes and gets involved in all kinds or remodeling of interiors. We include our knowledge of art and architecture in the creation of spaces that harmonize with the environment and provide the best and most efficient use of available space. Get to know us through our professional presentation. Let us demonstrate the never-ending potential of our creations and the wonderful world of MOSAICS.

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Our team will help you define a stand-out creative direction and will translate it into visual assets that will resonate with your audience.